I have worked with hundreds of adolescents from diverse backgrounds in secure and residential programs in the Massachusetts juvenile justice system. I have seen and dealt with just about every teenage situation including runaways, gangs, assaultive behaviors, substance abuse, mental health, and self-harm.
I have led and advised staff on forming effective working relationships with some of the state’s most difficult youth, many of whom were guilty of serious and violent offenses and had traumatic histories of abuse and neglect. I have spoken internationally, advocating for the rights of youth in conflict with the law and their social reintegration.
In addition to providing personal coaching, I offer individualized support to schools and organizations interested in improving services to young people. For questions about these services or general inquires, click on this link www.epiconsulting.org to visit my contact page. You can learn more about my services to schools and youth and family organizations on this site as well.

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Jean-Pierre Kallanian